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Jeremy Skillings of "You Can be Found" talks about the important aspects of SEO

The Importance of SEO for Your Website

March 20, 2019

GNYCC Business Center Breakfast Series hosted Jeremy Skillings of "You Can be Found". His presentation spoke upon the importance of SEO. He addresses the topics of: content and meta-tags and how to aim your content at the right search concepts, feeding Google as much information as possible in your Google My Business (GMB) page, including videos, images, Q&A, descriptions, making sure your site pages load quickly, converting relationships into links that will improve your ranking strength with representatives of a wide variety of businesses. He was able to speak on specific issues chamber members have and to get a better understanding of what the Google algorithm is trying to do.

Other areas of discussions were:
Converting relationships into links that will improve your ranking strength
Creating pages for all of the concepts you want to rank for (Provide the best answer for the search query and be specific)
Tagging pictures at a local farm to table restaurant
Speeding up a video site to improve SEO
Discussing breaking up long content pages into separate, individual pages by topic
Keyword match types when working with Google Ads. (Avoid wasting money on broad matches)
Asking for detailed reviews and baking that into your business process.
Is it OK to open your ads to Google search partners?
How do you claim your Google My Business page?
How hard it is to rank in the real estate market?
What is a good or bad bounce rate?