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NYC Mayoral Candidate "1 on 1" Interview with Andrew Yang
Wednesday April 28th, 2021

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NYC Mayoral Candidate "1 on 1" Interview


Andrew Yang

Wednesday, April 28th

4:00 pm

 Andrew is running for Mayor of New York City, his home, because he sees a crisis and believes he can help. Our city needs bold leadership with big ideas, focused on eliminating poverty, fact-based governance to solve our most pressing issues and recover from this global pandemic, and excited to make NYC a place where anyone would want to live and visit.

Andrew was named a Presidential Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the White House under the Obama administration and a Champion of Change for his work with Venture for America. Initially dubbed a "longer than long shot" candidate by the New York Times in 2018, Andrew became a top-tier contender for the presidency, raising nearly $40 million in grassroots funding. With a vision to rewrite the rules of the United States economy through a “Freedom Dividend” of $1,000 a month for every American adult, Andrew became one of the most exciting stories in the 2020 race.

Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, non-profit leader, and former 2020 presidential candidate. Andrew has lived in New York City since 1996, when he moved into his first apartment in Morningside Heights at 21.

Throughout the 2021 campaign season, we will be hearing from individual candidates & inviting our favorites back for a pre-June 22nd primary debate.

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