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September 17, 2021
Open House Networking on Clubhouse
September 20, 2021
Online Networking Coffee
September 21, 2021
20th Annual Greater New York Business Expo
September 23, 2021
Canton Fair Information Webinar
September 29, 2021
Spotlight on Employment Webinar by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
October 15, 2021

PrivSec Conference New York: Where Privacy and Security Meet
Tuesday November 5th, 2019

                                                             PrivSec New York is not-to-be-missed, and here are 5 reasons why;

  1. You’ll understand the regulatory requirements placed upon your organization by sometimes conflicting global privacy and security regulations 
  2. You’ll hear from leading industry speakers and subject matter experts including Anju Khurana from BNY Mellon and New York Senator Kevin Thomas
  3. You have the opportunity to select your own agenda across two theatres that will cover; CCPA, GDPR, data breaches, the future of privacy, building privacy/security culture, the latest technology and more
  4. You will be able to meet, network and share ideas with senior business leaders who share your passion for privacy and security progression
  5. The cost of non-compliance, in particular with new privacy and data protection laws, is much more than the cost of compliance. PrivSec New York will aid your organization’s compliance journey and provide the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed.

In addition to all of the above, David Carroll (star of The Great Hack on Netflix) will be delivering a keynote at the event, drawing upon his experience around the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This is a must-see.

For Chamber Members we are currently running a limited time only offer of 2 tickets for $299 or single ticket for just $199; 

Ensure your organization is taking the necessary steps to comply by securing your place today.

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